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Are you in your 40s or 50s facing physical challenges, feeling restricted by pain?

Break Free from limitationstransform your body and your life

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Get rid of chronic physical pain forever!

Schedule a FREE 15-min discovery call so I can help YOU transform your life.


Chiropractic Session

(Mexico Only)

Book a personal session with me where I utilize my 30 years of experience to help alleviate pain in your body.


" The work that I've done with Mark, in helping my body train better and getting myself in a routine training more often, has really been a huge help! "


" Mark has a unique perspective on human physiology because of his past experience as a chiropractor "


" Mark has a great personality. He is also attentive and supportive, so he will explain everything! "


" Training with Mark has literally given me my life back! I was suffering with chronic pain in my right hip and thigh for many years. It was so debilitating that I could not stand for more than a few minutes without pain shooting down my leg. I tried Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, Pilates and physical therapy, but nothing helped resolve the pain.  After a few months of training, I can stand for as long as I want, without pain. In addition to that, if I have any issue come up, I know exactly what to do to correct it. It has been an amazing transformation and I highly recommended training with Mark!"

Jodi B.

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Training Everyday For Life

Training Everyday For Life

Training Everyday For Life
Did A Nice Plank/Side Plank Today!

Did A Nice Plank/Side Plank Today!

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This Was Quick & Effective!

This Was Quick & Effective!

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Awesome To Be Training Outside Again!

Awesome To Be Training Outside Again!

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This Was A Great Hotel Gym!

This Was A Great Hotel Gym!

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My Story


I'm Mark Burick, a 64-year-old wellness enthusiast based in Mexico. Beyond my dedication to training, I find joy in exploring the stock market, relishing good food and mezcal, traveling, playing soccer, and, in 2024, tackling the waves as I learn to surf. If you share my passion for life and have faced injuries or arthritis, I'm here to guide you in putting more life into your years.


After receiving my doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1992, I practiced for almost 30 years in Seattle, WA. However, my journey took an unexpected turn as I discovered a simple truth: injuries happen when our bodies can't handle external forces. Through dedicated training, I've learned that properly strengthened muscles act as the body's natural shock absorbers, eliminating the need for external interventions like chiropractic adjustments or massage. 


Just six months ago, I faced the challenge of being unable to raise my arms over my head.


Today, I've overcome that hurdle and achieved the remarkable feat of doing a handstand. The key to my success lies in persistent, steady progress. I believe in the power of proper training to fix virtually anything, granting the freedom to lead a vibrant life. Whether you're older, dealing with arthritis, chronic injuries, or past accidents, and still yearning for an active lifestyle, I can guide you on this journey.

Join me in unlocking the possibilities of a resilient body. Wherever you are at in your health journey, let's navigate challenges and embrace the freedom that comes with strength.

Strength is Freedom!


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